Futurologist, composer-musician, marketer, politician, sociologist, artist, inventor, priest, writer.
Futurologist, composer-musician, marketer, politician, sociologist, artist, inventor, priest, writer.
About me

Hello people! My name is Leo. Throughout my life, I have been called differently: Leonid, Lev, Leoncio, Lenya, Alexey, Alyosha. Sometimes I was mistakenly called Andrey, Yura, Dima, Alexander, David and I responded to all these names, realizing that if a person called me that, then he associated me with this "new name". And I never wanted to cut off a person, making him blush because he incorrectly remembered my name when meeting. Quite funny situations often happened when, after six months or a year, a person recognized my real name and could not believe that I had responded to a name that was not my own all that time.

My parents always called me Alexey, Alyosha for some reason. And even now they still call it that: "Lyosha, not Leonid." In the school magazine I was always written down as Alexey. And only when it was time to get my passport, I realized that according to my birth certificate I was called Leonid. But my family still call me Alexey. And I respond to this name because I'm used to it. Perhaps because Lyosha and Lenya are very similar names in pronunciation.

What does it mean?... When God is called differently: Lord, Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh, Christ, He accepts any appeal to Himself. God never interrupts a person and says: "Listen, man! My name is different, not the same name you call Me!". The Lord God is very delicate, attentive, powerful, and at the same time understands each of us to the depths of his soul, not wanting to hurt, but wanting to get closer, like a child with his dad.

And we will definitely find out the real name of God. Maybe not in this life. But that meeting will be the happiest moment, because when you meet your own Inventor, your Constructor, who created every molecule of your body, you cannot remain indifferent.

And God will give me my real name at the hour appointed for me. For it is written in the Bible that a person will have "a new name, which no one knows except the one who receives." Revelation 2:17

For 7 years I was a priest, minister of the church. Studied at the seminary. And it took me 20 years to understand the theology handed down to me by my senior mentors. It's time to speak to me.

About my goals, projects and my mission.
I am the creator of the future. A futurologist sees all the trends in the development of mankind and is able to predict which path people will take, based on the foundation of today.

(Futurology (from lat. futurum -
future and Greek λόγος - teaching) -
predicting the future, including
by extrapolating existing
technological, economic or
social trends or predictions
future trends.)

 It's like mathematics, which allows you to find out unknown numbers X, when you know only the original data. Where did I get this ability? The Great God gave it to me by choosing me to serve Russia. And I will fulfill the mission entrusted to me, for this is my destiny.
About my music
I am a composer.
I release my music like Leo VersBerg. This is my creative name.
I write different kinds of music. Going through different styles, I settled on creating classical symphonic music, as well as music overloaded with electric guitars and rhythm. I also plan to release a series of organ music for church services, complete work on the opera "The Book of Enoch" and write 7 works for the church choir.

Stay my subscribers - I will notify you systematically about the release of my new creations.

Around 2015, I released a test music album in a rock style. But a lot of mistakes were made on my part. So now I want to redo everything differently. And I decided to compose my new album with completely new songs, creating the perfect sound for me. Hope it comes out soon in 2022.

Below is an example of the song I sang in 2015.
My shop
Painting "Leo"
Size 30 x 30 cm Canvas / Oil

This picture reflects my inner world: calmness, silence, confidence in strength. It is largely autobiographical. The cross depicted in gold on the forehead of the lion testifies to the primacy of the Christian worldview in my life.
Painting "Kingdom of Heaven"
Painting № 5 from 777 
Size 30 x 30 cm Canvas / Acrylic
This picture, drawn by me, was seen by me several times in a dream at different periods of my life. Every time I contemplated her in a dream, I realized that I had already seen her before. For some reason, God has shown it to me repeatedly. And finally, I decided to draw it. What's it? 
This picture is the structure of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of the Earth. In the Bible, in the book of Revelation of John the Theologian, the Kingdom of Heaven is described in detail in the form of a cube on each side with a length of 12 thousand stages (an ancient measure of length). (Revelation 21:16) This is the model of my house of God, as well as the house of everyone who trusts his life to God. In the center, the circle depicted is the presence of God in the midst of the Great City of New Jerusalem.  Also, this circle of blue color is a symbol of our blue planet, which has such a shade because of the water surface of the sea. 
By buying this painting, you will invite God into your house, Who will illuminate your home and your souls. May the light of God shine and may the blessing of the Almighty descend!

These paintings will be written in total 777 pieces. Each of them will be signed by me personally, and the serial number of the painting will also be put. By purchasing this painting, you will support my activities in this segment of world history.
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A letter for Leo Versberg
If none of the methods of communication with me indicated in the header did not suit you, you can leave your message in the feedback form. I promise that I will definitely read the message and answer you.
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